Company Infomation

Chiba main office

Firm name Inutsuka Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Chiba main office & plant
@3155-49, Oodai, Shibayama-Machi,
@Sanbu-Gun, Chiba, Japan
, 289-1605
@Tel. (+81 479)77-2041(Key Number)
@Fax. (+81 479)77-1198

Chairman Akira Inutsuka
Representative Director
Yuujirou Inutsuka
Director and Senior Advisor
Toshiki Inutsuka
Date of establishment Feb.25,1937 (Founded Feb.1,1919)

100 million

Business content

1. Manufacture and sales of special automobiles
2. Manufacture and sales of general automobile body
3. Manufacture and sales of meters (Tanker & Tank-lorry)
4. Manufacture of and equipment work undertaking for general iron industry and machinery appliances
5. Manufacture and sales of various pumps

6. Business of weighing certification concerning mass
7. Sales of oil products
8.Letting and hiring of real estate
9.Business related to the above items



Isaburo Inutsuka, the founder, established a special automobile factory in West Shinagawa,
Shinagawa area(February 1).

Japanfs first balance type dump truck was developed.


Japanfs first tank lorry of elliptic welded construction was developed.
After that, aircraft refueling tuck, vacuum vehicle, aerial tower truck, sprinkler, etc.
were developed one after another.


Reorganized as a corporation, and Inutsuka Tokushu Jidosha Kojo Co., Ltd.
was established (February 25).


The company was renamed gInutsuka Mfg. Co., Ltd.h(June 7).


The head office and factory were moved to East Shinagawa, Shinagawa area(June 30)


Japanfs first truck mixer was developed.
After that, Japanfs first refuse truck, street sweeper, pneumatic bulk cement truck,
aerial ladder truck, etc. were developed one after another.


Toshiro Inutsuka was inaugurated as the second President of the company


Lift truck, catering truck, lavatory service truck potable water service truck,
maintenance sky stand and other special working vehicles for airports
were developed one after another, and business with air companies were started.

1971 Constructing Takase No.1 warehouse for rent at East shinagawa area.
1972 Aircraft refueler was developed.
1973 Toshiki Inutsuka was inaugurated as the third President of the company.
1976 Constructing Takase No.2 warehouse for rent at East shinagawa area.
1980 Aerial ladder truck, HL-160, was developed
1982 Crew step truck for B747 was developed.
1983 Maintenance hi lift platform truck for DC-10 was developed.
Lifting max height is 9m.
1984 De-icing equipment was developed.
1988 Constructing Alpen Logistic Center at Kasugai City for rent.
1990 Catering truck with refrigerator was developed.

Chiba Plant was constructed in the Shibayama Second Industrial Park.

1995 One man equipment and crew stand equipment were developed.
1997 Constructing IS building in East Shinagawa area.
1999 Paticipating airport equipment exhibition held in China.
2003 World's first semi-prototype catering truck for the Airbus A380 was developed in November.
2004 World's first catering truck for the Airbus A380 was developed in December.
 2006 May 20th, Airbus A380 came flying to Narita Airport as first test flight and our TLB-8500F prototype catering truck could be accessed to the U1R upper deck service door successfully..


Singapore Airlines' A380 started into service between Singapore and Narita Airport, our TLB-8400F catering truck also entered service practically.@


November 26th, new joint Company "Sakuraken Inutsuka Airport Equipment CO., LTD."@was founded in Shanghai China. New company started production of Airport Equipment.


June 4th, Shizuoka Airport was opened, our GSE were delivered to the new airport.


March 11th, Ibaraki Airport was opened, our GSE were delivered to the new airport.@


June 12th, Lufthansa Airlines' A380 started service between Singapore and Narita Airport, our TLB-8400F catering truck entered service.

2014 Constructing Super Hotel for rent at North Shinagawa area.
Received ISO 9001:2008 Certification
2016 Yuujirou Inutsuka was inaugurated as the fourth President of the company.